Hitman Absolution Limited Deluxe Professional Edition Announced: Cute and cuddly Agent 47


"Today IO interactive and Square-Enix announced and featured the Limited Edition for Hitman Absolution for 360, PS3 and PC.

It certainly attracts the attention with the cute 25 cm Agent 47 vinyl statue.

Here are the details:"

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gaminoz2280d ago

I wish it was a bobble head! But it does look cool!

BadCircuit2280d ago

I wonder if they will come out with nun assassin versions too? they would make a cute collection to go with grumpy dwarf there.

Belgavion2280d ago

Cool for something different

gaminoz2280d ago

I'd love a collection of them: Ezio, Altair, Connor, Agent 47, Max Payne, Kratos, Sam Fischer, Lara Croft....

BootHammer2280d ago

Haha...nice. I would rock that out on my desk at work ;7

r212280d ago

hahaha i would not put the words 'cute and cuddly' in the same sentence with agent 47 XD

gaminoz2280d ago

He does look a bit mad...

r212280d ago

that and he kills people mercilessly >:D

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