Amazon has Dark Souls and other games on sale

Amazon is continuing with its July video game deals. Dark Souls is on sale and its so cheap, its a must pick up for anyone who wants a lengthy challenge. There's a few other games on sale that might be worth gamers time, such as the LA Noire DLC.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2287d ago

Maybe you should have the sale another week, Amazon... I already spent my money on Steam. Sorry. :/

Mainsqueeze2287d ago

yeah lol i must have bought like 10-20 games on steam in the last week and haven't even paid like $60. My God i feel like i'm in heaven when i'm browsing steam.

Mainsqueeze2287d ago

Its def up there, if you haven't played this game and you have some patience(and you like RPGs) you should pick this game up. Second half of my comment was just meant for anyone reading not exactly you lol.