Black Ops II - Treyarch Dev Responds to Xbox 360 Favoritism Claims From PS3 Camp

MP1st - One thread titled 'BO2 on PS3: Lack of Developer Interaction and Dialogue' on official Black Ops II forums has attracted 208 replies, many of which came from disgruntled PS3 fans who are not satisfied with Treyarch's way of handling the community on the platform.

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Majin-vegeta2281d ago

Here's an idea stop buying the game and that hopefully will send a message...oh wtf am i talking about to many moron's out there who can't use their brains-___-.

Irishguy952281d ago

Majority of Cod players don't give a **** how they are treated, let alone go to the official forum and complain

SleazyChimp2281d ago

Complain is one thing, bumpin ya gums at some one just to try and rattle their cage is another! There are far too many whinny bitches on the forums that need to man the fuck up. If you bought BLOPS 1 on PS3 and feel you got screwed, then hit the bastards where it hurts. Instead of crying about it and saying dumb shit like "I paid half your salary", boycott the garbage and make sure he nor Activision never gets another drop of your money. But no that makes too much sense. Instead they'll stand in line for 6hrs to buy the "I just got screwed edition" for $150 and be back here singing that same ol song and dance a year from now.

Red_Orange_Juice2281d ago

MW2 was last Cod I played and I'm doing fine, just dont buy the game lol

tehpees32280d ago

Actually reading his response it seems very unprofessional. They do have a right to voice their concerns over communication.

JhawkFootball062280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


I find it ironic you are calling people morons when your grammar is off. It is too many, like too many people don't know the difference between to, two, and too.

Diver2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I didn't blame the guy until this moment:

"...doesn’t care or have time for because he or she is working on trying to make a solid game for the platform(s) that developer represents."

Solid game? They are having the same issues, the very same issues that have persisted since CoD4. I do not care if it was a different dev house as it is all shared material. If they can surround themselves with neutral personnel that neither attack or butt kiss then they should have surrounded themselves with an engineer and a programmer that know how to code for the PS3. One good person in each field would be worth two lesser persons in the same arena. 

This guy seems to be making valid points and many of his remarks possess merit when standing alone. But at the end of the day when you have had the same problems for 5 games then you suck...period. Think about it...5 damn games. And here is a mercenary lesson he is ignoring, regardless if you are a good guy, when you are the voice on the forum representing the company line you have given up your individuality a nd if your product sucks then you suck. If your CEO sucks then you suck. Those are the choices you made so take your damned check to the bank and live with it. 

I was in MW3 this weekend and they have issues in there that are inexcusable. Many of them the result of barely tweaking a completely broken engine. An old engine that reeks of laziness. Adding a new type of killstreak is not fixing the engine. I am not talking about the visuals as those are actually serviceable despite muddy textures and lack of environmental damage. Rather I mean issues that I used to see in CoD4 and I played quite a bit in those days.

MoH - you can still find MP games and I was on this weekend - that and BF3 are far far better despite the rented server issue.

It's all machts nichts anyway because from what I am seeing MoH Warfighter is going to spank Black Ops II like a wet whore. Not in sales but in gameplay which trumps retail numbers. I really do not see a modern war shooter touching that for at least a year. Then we have Bad Company 3 enroute as well as the leaked BF4.

Treyarch are ripoff second chair developers. They were always living on Infinty Ward's scraps and now it shows. PS3 owners are stupid to keep buying this series. Personally I purchased MW2/3 after CoD4 because of the Price story but I'm done.

SilentNegotiator2280d ago

Another thing: the N4G community isn't the entire gaming community or even a representative.

Most gamers don't check out any reviews, don't watch gameplay beforehand, don't consider the ethics behind that company, etc.

We might have noticed things like how they've recycled half of the sequences in their game, but that doesn't mean the average gamer has.

Don't pretend like there is no favoritism. COD4 (when MS got their grubby little hands on the series, but only after the thing was developed) ran GREAT on the ps3 ("interchangeable" -Eurogamer). Then, SUDDENLY, CONVENIENTLY, the ps3 versions of the COD games went completely downhill.

frelyler2280d ago


"I just got screwed edition." that made my day thank you.

Sono4212280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

This N4G community can keep calling the cod players stupid/ignorant/morons/ all you want but when I hear you say things like every cod has little to no changes or saying its pretty much a new map pack every year is just ignorance. The call of duty devs (Treyarch) have finally given you what you've been asking for. Drastic change, and they done so while somewhat keeping the cod formula with Black ops 2. Admittedly all of the old cods have been pretty much the same, there's no denying that, but continuing to make those comments when black ops 2 obviously realizes those problems and makes a difference is ignorance on your part not theirs.

pixelsword2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

CoD attracts idiots like turds attracts flies.

(No offense to anyone.)

It's not like ALL the CoD players are idiots, but man, the majority of them are playing CoD.

I've seen great players on games like Gears of War, Killzone, Warhawk, Halo, MAG and the like; but CoD is chock-full of idiots.

Bigpappy2280d ago

Sony is to blaim for all the discontent that PS3 fans are having with developers. They are the ones who gave you and the developers this very complex cell processor and splited memory poll to work with.

Instead of calling out Sony for this, PS3 fans want to trash developers who don't spend that extra year working to get the PS3 version identical or better than the 360 version.

The extra content is all about who is willing to pay for it, the quality is what the devepoler is able to deliver with a resonable effort.

SilentNegotiator2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


LOL! At least spell "blame" right if you're going to spew that BS.

Sorry, but the old "Teh cell is too hardz!" load doesn't work when COD4 worked just fine on the ps3. "Interchangeable" by Eurogamer's words. That didn't need "an extra year".

Nice try, though. Get some new PS3 hater semantics, buddy.

Irishguy952280d ago

Holy **** I got a bubble for this?

Rock on N4G.

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Jamzluminati2281d ago

I don't know why Irish guy what your comment has send me in hysterics right now. Probably because it's actually true.

mewhy322280d ago

Wow. This actually reminds me of the forums for crysis2 on Xbox 360. A known bug exists on the Xbox version where the screen gets fuzzy and randomly turns on and off and with varying degress of severity. There has been no attention given to this and there a 100+ page thread on their forums talking about. But no communication. I can completely understand the ps3 community being pissed about this.

Irishguy952280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I'm not even messing about it, majority of 'casuals' don't even realize Activision are treating them worse than every other dev. And even if they found out about it they wouldn't care. They don't know that it isn't normal for FPS to ebe released year after year with little to no improvements

Welshy2280d ago


EXACTLY. your point completely shoots you in the foot.

if it wasn't for this "loud minority" calling for equality and equal treatment for the SAME GAME at the SAME PRICE as others, then think just how bad that we would REALLY be treated.

We need these "whiners" etc to an extent to make sure everyone else gets a better experience.

To be a fanboy is stupid, but to be labelled a "whiner" for wanting your game to run the same as another platform is perfectly acceptable, in fact i'd go as far as to say you're perfectly entitled to do so.

The way the BLOPS community manager handled the people on the forums was the equivalent to a child throwing his toys out his pram and was completely unprofessional.

People need to use their brains and start NOT BUYING the game if they are unhappy to really get their point across, i haven't played COD since MW2 and seeing the devs behave like this isn't putting me in a hurry to go back to the franchise.

Mainsqueeze2281d ago

It was a pretty unprofessional response but i can agree with it. Alot of people on any forum(including this one(especially this one)) can be huge self entitled brats that hate on products or people for no reason. Taking jabs at people and trying to get your point across with emotion instead of logic is not the way to get a serious response.

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Calm Down Sunshine2280d ago

This sums up my feelings on the matter.

chukamachine2280d ago

Stop making sense Majin. Have you got a death wish:)

JhawkFootball062280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

. . . . . . . .

Nikhil2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

morons, not moron's... you moron.

ghost042280d ago

Exactly, don't pre-order or buy the game on release day. Wait for reviews, or other stupid people to buy it first and hear what they have to say, or if they complain, and then use your own judegment to see if it's worth buying. Instead of throwing away $60 thinking, hoping that it was going to be different from last.

chrispen92280d ago

Do you think most of the people who buy the game care? The gamers are the minority in this. It's mostly the casual guys who buy this game because their friends are playing it. It's sometimes the only game they buy throughout the whole year because they know that's what they enjoy.

geddesmond2280d ago

Lol the COD franchise is becoming stale. Its had its 5 years of success and people are getting tired of it. Every day more and more people are switching from COD to other FPS games like Battlefield 3. I don't even see people on my friends list play those games anymore and 2 years ago everyone was playing COD.

Its simple if PS3 players are sick of the bad COD treatment then go pre order MOH 2 and play that for your FPS fix this fall. Simple

Oschino19072280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Or we could play Dust 514 which is exclusive, bigger, deeper and more epic then anything else offered on this gen of consoles. EA is worse by far IMO and there are plenty of other games in general. It's not a "black" or "white" situation, there are many games out there that aren't BF or MoH to fulfill your needs.

Ashunderfire862280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

The best form of protest is not to buy the game people!!! I say screw Call of Duty!!!

Avalanche2280d ago

why do people act like Call of Duty is Lollipop Chainsaw? Call of Duty is a good game, its not the best but it sure as hell isnt the worst.

fact of the matter is that CoD games WILL come out every year like Sports games.....and Dragon Ball Games....and Dynasty Warriors games...and Mario Party. give it a rest, they make a billion dollars every year and thats hard to turn down.

and yes Activision obviously shows favoritism towards 360 because the PAY THEM TO. why this is new i have no idea. people should complain but its not gonna help because they are cashing those checks every year.

geddesmond2280d ago

Whats a 1 million deal if even that for exclusive DLC to a franchise that makes billions??? Exactly. That whole deal was a show of favoritism. But its cOOL, its not like I still play COD, haven't played a COD games since the month Black ops 1 released.

Also no body is saying the games crap. We all know its a good game but the same shit every year gets boring after awhile. Its still going to sell millions every year but more and more hardcore gamers have turned their backs on it now for good.

frankboy20122280d ago

Its true tho mate thats the only way to get through to them is not to buy their game!!! But no one can resist temptation i stopped playing it over 6 months now defected to battlefield and while its not perfect atleast dice listen to what you want and got to say :)

sonic9892280d ago

i didnt buy any COD game my entire life and that wont change ( nothing special )
but those people need to chill they are taking things faaaaaaar too seriously i mean if the team members are posting things about a specific platform that means they trying to fix something or announce something
and since MS already announced everything for COD at their E3 this year i see no reason to be suspicious
and in all the honesty in the world i wouldnt be a friend with anyone of those people they seem bad ( my opinion )

showtimefolks2280d ago

stop buying it and play other great FPS shooters or another gener

darksiders 2
farcry 3
borderlands 2
medal of honor
sleeping dogs etc,,

the only way to make a statement from our end is by speaking with our wallets. Its really a sad thing when a company trying new things yet doing good games like THQ is about to go out of business yet millions of gamers keep buying the same game with a different paint job

and IMO MS has their hands with activision about ps3 version not up to par with xbox360 again IMO

Omnislash2280d ago

>Call of Duty players.

Pick one.

MalianteNCX2280d ago

Oh this nerd fkin sucks! So if I make a (very)shitty game, the people that are buying my overprice shit can then complain about it?. And because they complain about my careless about PS3, I will ignore them even when I eat most of because of them?!

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skyrim2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

That pretty much sums it up people will buy this game regardless of opinion or problems.They just have to many friends who play it basically so i blame friends for this travesty lol.I will also be buying it so ya

Jazz41082280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It works well on the 360 and according to n4g the ps3 crowd hates it because of recycled textures and on and on then why not just make it a 360 exclusive since obviously treyarch and infinity can't code for the ps3 as many devs have had issues in the past present and I'm sure future.

user54670072281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Wow what a prick...

I'd understand if the guy who started that thread was horrible and immature but hes just pointing out the obvious and just asking some honest questions which I bet the majority of PS3 COD fans want to know the answer to.

It amazes me how anyone can suport these guys when they treat their communitty like crap.

What a horrible, non professional reply....

skyrim2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I have to agree with you there anyone who bought the ps3 version must have a lot of questions for treyarch.There is really no reason to lash out at fans who just want some answers.

Brosy2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It eludes me that no one has yet come to the conclusion that it is the PS3's architecture that devs have a problem with, not that the devs "suck" or are "lazy". How many games have to be inferior on the ps3 before their ignorant fanbase come to that conclusion? The ps3 was built around blu-ray first, not gaming. I would love to see how much better the 360 version of these "almighty exclusives" on ps3 would be on 360. But we will never know that will we. Pretty convient on the ps3 fanboys part don't ya think? I say it's time Treyarch pull a Gabe Newell and tell the truth about the ps3's architecture.

Mustang300C20122281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Give me a break I think it was a very good response and he handled himself very well. You can't fight ignorance and self righteous and it showed what he was dealing with. Bottom line of this was the other way around you wouldn't be hearing crys like you do hear when it comes to fanboys like that. Ask the question but don't be a jackass about the question.

Lash out please. If you are gonna let someone ask you a question in that way then you deserve to be steamrolled. It is a video game product you have an opportunity to talk trevor devs and they don't have to provide an answer but if you are going to be comdensending and ignorant with your question you will get a response you don't like or non at all which is just as much within the right of the developers and companies to do.

user54670072281d ago

What do you expect from fans of a franchise who since Mordern Warfare have always had to deal with their version of the game being crap while they favor another auidence. Do you expect them to be all happy and nice after this has happened AGAIN to them and the fact they've also been ignored by Treyarch completely

Patriots_Pride2281d ago

Well written! I have to agree with you there. I’ve been following the ME3 ending controversy ever since it broke out. The back and forth between game journalists and gamers is amazing. A lot of the game journalists seem to want to slap on the gamer stereotype or claim they are being entitled, whiny peons who should just shut up and not have an opinion. I haven’t finished ME3 yet, but the criticisms I’ve read from fans seem valid, logical, and intelligent. There will always be one or two people in forums or the comments section of a blog who are complete idiots, but it’s unavoidable. Usually if you encounter an annoying moron who has nothing good to say then just ignore them. People will always want to hate or be insulting. That kind of vitriol just needs to be avoided at all costs. Still, for every 1 idiot you get in a fanbase it’s not fair to label ALL fans the same way.

Omar912281d ago

yeah he sounds like a douche

vallencer2281d ago

I find it funny that it's ok for people to act like assholes just not the professional people. I actually read all the replys and he wasn't being unprofessional at all actually every response was polite even if it seemed a little harsh but he never called anyone names and he just pointed out how being rude and negative doesn't get you anywhere. But that's ok keep thinking its alright to be an ass and see how far it gets you. Also I don't know if you read all of them but some of the comments from the people on the forum were rather uncalled for. Just because you "think" you know how things should work or run doesn't mean you can spout off stupid nonsense and be an ass. You don't know how businesses work and even if you say you do not all of them work the same.

AAWELLS092281d ago

Finally someone with some sense and who gets it for a change.

HammadTheBeast2280d ago

They get paid for it, we don't. That's why professionals have to act nice. Robert Bowling was trolled in every way possible, but he never resorted to being a prick like that.

joab7772281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I kept an open mind when reading as I generally can relate to the developers and how hard it is to please everyone...and forums can be brutal. First, if people have the particular job to communicate with gamers then u can't use the excuse that u are too busy. If u have specific ps3 people, u can't say that u were busy with the Xbox. But I believe it goes deeper. It's the pink elephant in the room that lIIIeaves a bitter taste in the mouth of all ps3 players before they even play the game...Xbox exclusivity. Microsoft pays a ton of money and is very strict in what they want from activation for that money. It wouldn't surprise me if their was priority given to Xbox concerning issues. But I am sure there is a gag order too so u will never hear about it. I am sure he would deny this and claim conspiracy theor but look at the deal with bungie that came out in the west/zampella trials to see how anal microsoft is with their contracts. And this is the gap that exists prior to any communication. Now, if I worked with activation, I would know all this going in and understand that ps3 owners are going to be perturbed. I would handle with kid gloves and do my best to answer honestly about everything, including "I can't talk about that."

Now, he is probably in a precarious position trying to make everyone happy while not violating any agreements, but it's no excuse for letting gamers get to u. Maybe he needs a course in pr also. We are not so stupid to think that something isn't amiss when launch after launch, there are issues that aren't resolved until other platforms get fixed. Ps3 is almost always last. Is it Sony's fault? Who knows... but getting upset isn't the answer. He comes off as someone sitting up high on his own hill being bothered to answer questions claiming that if we don't act right, we won't get any info at all. Well, if we were happy with prior info, we wouldn't be angry. Anyway, as everyone has mentioned, it is all irrelevant and activation knows it. 90% of cod players don't frequent blogs or n4g and whether activation is personable or not has no bearing on their success.

It may change though. Ps3 is catching up to Xbox in numbers. Now maybe they may give a shit. But, Xbox still has exclusivity so I doubt it. It's strange though; With all the general issues with Cod (glitches, bad launches, no beta) the ps3 specific problems and the Xbox exclusivity, ps3 is gaining ground. Hmmmmm?

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jdktech20102281d ago

Personally I don't blame the guy...the internet can be uncalled for jerks at times

Patriots_Pride2281d ago

This is all funny because everyone who is outraged by this and was planning on getting the game will still get the game. He knows this...

Not only are gamers assholes but they're suckers too.

p.s. Ive never had any interest in this game. I am indeed an asshole, but I dont do it on purpose.

Veni Vidi Vici2281d ago

If any platform should complain, it's the PC gamers. COD was born on the PC and they hardly support it now.

And like Mike said, that guy comes off as a complete jerk and totally unprofessional. He says Treyarch people "lurk" on the forums but don't post because they don't have the media training but then he goes and posts this stuff. Looks like he should have had some more media training.

Mustang300C20122281d ago

Because it doesn't sale compared to the platforms. Hell BF started on the PC and the console version of that game outsells blame other consumers for choosing the console version. Hell game stay do get handled better still won't make a difference on preference when the console versions will sale better.

Veni Vidi Vici2280d ago

I understand there are better sales on the consoles but that's no excuse for the horrible support they have for PC games. It takes forever to fix glitches, cheats, etc- if they fix them at all.

If you're going to release the game on the platform, support it properly.

HammadTheBeast2280d ago

Yes, but they don't sh*t on the PC version either. They keep the quality on each console to the best it can be. Sure, PC quality has lowered a little bit, but it's still the best of all 3 versions.