Will the declining economy hurt gaming?

If the current economic crunch causes people to pass on the low-cost Wii, what could that mean for the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360? With an economic recession eminent could it mean more canceled game projects and fewer fellow gamers on-line?

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toddm4385d ago

So this chick chose "going out" over gamming? Passing on the Wii I can understand, but why not pick up an second-hand PS2 or, heck, even an old SNES off eBay... but "going out"? Why some people want to be social I'll never understand...

wiizy4384d ago

you are a clown.. why would someone pass on the wii something new and fresh and buy a ps2, ps3 or xbox360... it wouldnt make sure nintendo will drop the price this year.