Fox News to EA: Let's Talk…On Camera

January 25, 2008 - Earlier this week, Electronic Arts asked Fox News to correct false statements the publisher believes the channel made about Mass Effect on a recent installment of Live Desk With Martha MacCallum.

The news channel's apparent response? Come on the show, and we'll talk about it.

According to a post on MTV's Multiplayer gaming blog, an unnamed Fox News spokesperson said the network has "extended several invitations to EA through a company representative to appear on 'Live Desk With Martha MacCallum' to discuss 'Mass Effect' and the segment which aired on Monday. We have received no response."

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OC_MurphysLaw4378d ago

I agree to this with some stipulations:
1) You allow EA to present the FULL sex scene to be aired for the segment.
2) That Fox will agree "On Air" that what we saw was infact the entire sex scene and only scene and that there are no other things that can be done in terms of sex in the game.

with those stipulations I would be in favor of EA going on and debating the merits of Fox's previous broadcast. But if they cant get that...the screw it cause you know FOX will spin this in their favor.

IzKyD13314378d ago

EA said they didnt want to go on the show, they just wanted FOX to correct their comments on the air

Chubear4378d ago

and so they shouldn't. Fox is just obviously tring you use them for ratings and unless EA and the gamin gindustry get something substantial out the deal I don't think they should give Fox the time of day.

Fox can just as easily air a comment regarding their less than factual comments eariler and appologise to it's viewers for not getting the facts right.

Mr Tretton4378d ago

The consistent words coming out of those idiots mouths is so amazingly calculated with every sentence to sell fear and false bullshit to adults who can't think for themselves. Incredible. It's like a bullshit news art form. Almost graceful in it's execution.

Man: "It's up to parents to control what their kids are seeing"

Woman: "Yeah it is, unfortunately."

GIJeff4378d ago

want to write a book informing parents what video games are ACTUALLY.

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