The Real West of Red Dead Redemption

"When we thought about the American West, I used to imagine an aging gunslinger riding out across the vast plains searching for peace in a fallen world. It’s the basic story of any number of John Wayne movies we grew up with: the idea that, in the end, all wrongs will be set right. The hero will always come in at the last minute and save the day."

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Them_Bones2379d ago

Red Dead Rebellion
Red Dead Revolution
Red Dead Revenge
Red Dead Retribution

I wonder which one of those will be the next instalment.

skyrim2379d ago

lol i can't believe you got disagrees for that people must be really into names :]

Dark_king2379d ago

Red Dead Revelation's sounds good.Though Red Dead Rifle would of been a good name to follow Red Dead Revolver.

Them_Bones2378d ago

They both sound so wrong.
Usually only spin-offs would be named revelations.