Who Says Rhythm Games Are Dead? Rock Band Blitz Gets Price And Release Date

After the balloon that is Guitar Hero popped, all eyes were on Harmonix, makers of the Rock Band franchise. It seemed like they could just continue making those Microsoft millions by making a new Dance Central game every year. Who could blame them? They seem to be the only developer who can make a decent Kinect game.

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spunkee3112376d ago

I'm actually very excited for this. My friends and I played Rock Band and GH quite a bit. And we still do, although not as often. But I'll definitely be checking this out. Especially since it plays all the DLC

IHateYouFanboys2376d ago

heres hoping you can buy all the Blitz songs as DLC for rock band, as i hated the PSP rock band game and this one looks equally bad.

if not, i guess ill buy this and export (probably for an extra fee as well unfortunately).

kasasensei2376d ago

It was supposed to cost 800ms pts, not 1200 according to an old PR. Sad.