Gaikai Could be “Coming soon to iOS Devices”

Sony’s recently acquired cloud gaming company Gaikai could be coming to iOS devices soon, if the company’s website is to be believed. - PSLS

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Sev2335d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony kept the tech to themselves and their Sony mobile devices.

Same goes for their TVs. I wonder how they're going to pull that off, though, with Samsung just striking a deal with Gaikai just before Sony nabbed them.

doctorstrange2335d ago

I hope it's everywhere. Netflix got so big by going everywhere.

Foolsjoker2335d ago

I think if they actually did utilize the install base for iOS, they could actually push more software. Which could eventually turn into higher hardware sales, as their franchises regain ground in the public mindshare.

sinncross2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Sony would just be making money off all this licensing...

if anything, anything not Sony will most likely just get the current Gaikai service of PC game streaming. While Sony only products get all the PS1, PS2, PS3, Mini, PSN, PS Mobile games, in addition to the current Gaikai service.

That said, I can see Minis being passed off to everyone. They dont exactly help market Sony hardware... juts extra games that are there. Might be best for the developers. But yeah, Sony games for Sony hardware, everyone else gets current Gaikai offering.

Or Sony offers more Sony games to the non Sony hardware. Either way, as long as they dont over extend their hand they will be playing their cards fine.

WeskerChildReborned2335d ago

Yea, they could probably use it on the Xperia and other devices like their TVs and Consoles.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2334d ago

That would be dumb.. That would be like buying a netflix box just to stream netflix movies. They better expand..

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dbjj120882335d ago

I voted no way, because... I mean, c'mon. There's no way.

IHateYouFanboys2335d ago

well theyre obviously not going to be streaming PS games to ios devices, as they generally dont work too well with a touchscreen only input method lol.