Analyst: Sony Ditching 80GB PS3 Due to Poor Sales

"Sony is likely dumping the 80GB version because it has failed to meet internal sales projections," Janco Partners' Mike Hickey told GameDaily BIZ. "A recessionary environment will likely punctuate the 80GB version's relative and absolute retail sales disappointment. The recently released 40GB version is getting traction at retail, suggesting backward compatibility takes a backseat to the console's price point for current buyers."

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kalistyles4383d ago

I've been saying this forever. 120gb HDD would be perfect and battle with he Elite. It makes more sense. Just have the 40 and the 120 and your good. Reduce the Price of the 40gb to 349.99 and the 120 to 449.00 and your solid. Think about it.

zambrota4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

do you trust the words of these analysts who are being paid by MS to trash talk against PS3

Mr Murda4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

You're joking, right? Cause the 80GB isn't selling well at all. That may be one reason that Best Buy is deciding to close out their current stock of 80GBs and then not offering it after that.

Sony needs to stick to the 40GB right now, sell some units and then see about a new model with some additional features in the future.

Edit: @ zambrota response. ":)", you are joking. Thanks for the clarification. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that you weren't, considering there are some pretty ignorant fanboys on this site.

zambrota4383d ago

80 gig is sold out in almost all stores of NA


whengeeksgobad4383d ago

Can someone please qualify their statements about the success of the 80gb model with actual sales figures?

I don't believe its the product thats the problem, its the price point. I am kind of hoping they do away with the 80gb model simply so it increases the likelihood we can get backwards comp. on the 40 gb model.

Full disclosure:
proud 360 + ps3 owner.

mikeslemonade4383d ago

I thought the 80gb was selling better than the 40gb and thus hurting sales of the 40gb. I completely agree of getting rid of the 80gb. You can't let 360 have the bigger hdd sku.

MikeGdaGod4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

"UPDATE 2: Well, this is interesting. We just heard from The NPD Group who told us, "In the last quarter (when both were on the market), the 80GB sold more units than the 40GB." When pressed for a more exact breakdown of the sales data between the two SKUs, NPD said they could not provide that. It's certainly a surprise to us, however, that the more expensive 80GB would have sold more than 40GB, which many have attributed the PS3 sales spike to."

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gamesblow4383d ago

The whole HDD thing is absurd. New sku's shouldn't be relegated to how big the hdd is. Everyone has the option of upgrading their own HDD's. Sony should put a 10 or 20 gb "standard" hdd in one call it the ps3 "Core" sell it for 300 bucks and then let everyone "who wants a bigger HDD" buy one. Simple as that.

Solves everyone's problem and cuts down on confusion. I ahve a 250 gb in mine. I'm happy.

Ju4383d ago

...except that smaller HDDs are more expensive then bigger ones. The whole size thing is useless. I am not even sure if the 40G is so much cheaper then the 80. The bigger savings are the machine itself, not the HDD. But it would look odd to sell the "40G" with a "80G" drive (or vice versa) but charge so much more for the big model.

Real gamer 4 life4383d ago

The poor sales of the 80gb could be one of the reason why sony is ditching the 80gb ps3. Maybe they are going to release the white ps3 at a price of 399 and then drop the price of the 40gb to 299. The consumer have spoken Sony now know how much the consumer are willing to pay for the ps3 and 399 was the sweet price. So if they release a system for 399 and drop the current 40gb to 299, then i could see another ps3 sale spike.

Hugh Hefner4383d ago

I didn't know black paint was $100.00 more expensive than white paint.

SoulReaper4383d ago

Seriously the 80GB is sold out everywhere(maybe not yet but soon) and its doing horrible in sales?? I am laughing so hard right now..

spec_ops_comm4383d ago

LOL @ 5 disagrees?!?!?

What you said makes perfect sense. The first guy suggested the following:

40GB PS3 = $299
White PS3 = $399

Yet the white PS3 is 40GBs too... So therefore the paint would be the only reason for the difference in price? That's just stupid.

If you have lost all logic, send me more disagrees!! IT FEEDS ME!!

Jigsaw-4383d ago

hmm so does this mean the 40 gig sells more? this could connect to the rumors of the $300 40 gig and if the 40 gig is selling more than the 80 then most people don't care about bc.

Gordii4383d ago

i think sony is working on a firmware update for the 40gigs to make them backwards compatible plus it makes sense to make a cheaper console instead of 2 different types it also cuts down on the cost. I said this was on of my predictions of the 2008 and it looks like its half coming true so far with the 80gig no longer gonna be around. If sony goes down to 299 with ps2 backwards compat. You will see a Ps3 bomb go off and you will see a lot of ps3's sold out.

Fanboy Slaughter4383d ago

They've already said the 40GB will be near-impossible to BC with PS2 games, because there is absolutely NO PS2 hardware in it at all. With the 80GB, there was still some PS2 circuitry on the board, and the emulation was about 50/50 software and hardware wise. The 40GB would require 100% software emulation, and that costs money that Sony probably wouldn't dish out.

TruthBTold4383d ago

PS3 40gb model having BC emulation but it would make sense then to get rid of the 80 gb and just keep the 40 gb, lowering prodcution cost to just focusing on one model. Since anyone can upgrade their HDD then having multiple skus just for the HDD isnt to convinient and plus something consumers are aware of this. Its the only thing that makes sense when getting rid of the 80gb. Ive seen it selling better than the 40gb at amazon. I know its only one store but it still gives people an idea.

Ju4383d ago

It was mentioned before, that they won't start production on anything then the 40G as soon as the stock of those is depleted. Maybe its just that or - hey, maybe they had a breakthru in SW emulation which makes an GS-less board more valuable in the future. OTHO, I still would like to have one with 4 USB ports (2 at the back!) and the card readers. I like mine. But my guess is, they'll will go down to one SKU and lowest possible price. Same what they did with the PS2. Just the bare min to play the games, nothing else. They should possibly introduce a PVR style machine on the top end, IMO.