New Ouya Update Introduces Muffi, Announces Change To Hardware

GameInformer- "Ouya, the $99 Kickstarter-funded Android console, has released a new email update to its backers. The update introduces Muffi Ghadiali, a key member of the hardware design team, and announces an important change to the hardware design.

We've printed the full text of the email below. In his message to fans, Ghadiali reveals his long background in technology design, including time spent working on the Kindle Fire. He also says that -- in response to fan requests -- an Ethernet port is being added to the Ouya. However, he cautions not to expect many changes to the fundamental design of the console -- which he claims can easily be manufactured for under $99, despite what some online critics have said."

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DaThreats2284d ago

With the alot extra money they got in Kickstarter
I was thinking they should do an upgrade with the system

nukeitall2284d ago

I'm assuming you mean upgrade to the hardware, which really isn't how it works. The system hardware is based on the manufacturing cost and selling price, not how much money the "company" got in the bank.

So I doubt there will be much upgrades if any.

HebrewHammer2284d ago

I'm just hoping they use some of the extra money to develop a trophy / achievement system. I would love that.

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Yea me too and they are even trying to get more money then the 900k that was supposely enough to "fund" it cause why put it at 900k when it's not enough?

Qrphe2284d ago

All the extra money could be used for would probably be software and marketing purposes but not really any hardware upgrades.

DeadlyFire2283d ago

Wow so WiiU is the only new console without an Ethernet port. That sucks. Why not fix that Nintendo? Even bottom dollar start up companies throw that port into their console and you can't?