Fanboy culture should be embraced

CVG - By their very nature, gamers are competitive. We may just lie back in our underwear with thumbs aloft, mouths open and eyes glazed, yet it's sheer passion that keeps us playing. But often our biggest gaming battles take place away from our HUDs and health bars, and we wage an altogether different war on the pixelated turf of the net.

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Patriots_Pride2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

At least we are going to get one more fanboy team on the list.

Welcome to the console war Ouya fanboys - see following list for console fanboy groups that you can imitate or start your own.

360 Fanboys - Defensive and consider them self's as a the upper class group because they have to pay for online and get first dip at COD DLC.

PS3 Fanboys - Arrogant and still in denial that the PS3 did not live up to the PS2 standards. They travel in packs and will rape your bubbles to death.

Wii Fanboys - Like to keep on the the side line of the console war but come out when ever the 3DS is killing every gaming hardware on the market and laugh at the 2nd place and 3rd place contenders.

PC Fanboys - They consider them self's the superior race and still hold on to hope that one day PC will once again be the number one gaming system.

Welcome again and please do not follow those snobby Apple fanboys as no one really like them on N4G.