Could Battlefield 4 be a PS4 launch title? writes:

"While many were perhaps expecting something along the lines of Bad Company, a fully-fledged sequel is hardly a surprise given how successful BF3 proved. However, we’re still none the wiser as to what platforms the game will turn up on; a PS3/360/PC release is a given, but is it that hard to imagine the game making the transition to next-gen formats too? We think not."

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NastyLeftHook02285d ago

If i am not mistaken i remember dice saying frostbite 2 was not supposed to be for this current gen. So its understandable if they want a playstation 4 to put out the "full version" ex: bigger maps/more players/ better graphics ect version of the game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Dice wants to raise the bar & console gamers will still say they don't need a new console.

After getting the short end of the stick for bf3 on console do you guys really want bf4 on ps3 & 360?

I would expect the graphics and effects to be even better than bf3 + updated physics engine. So current console won't cut it.

TekoIie2285d ago

*cough* Elitism *cough*

iamlegend99992285d ago

You had me at more players.

TedCruzsTaint2285d ago

It better be a next gen release.

JBSleek2285d ago

It will certainly be for Xbox 360 and PS3 but depending on if they are given enough time and when BF4 comes out it is hard to tell.

I wouldn't want them to rush the game on a new platform for the sake of getting it out during the launch and have it plagued with errors and problems.

venom062285d ago

this is DEFINITELY going to be next gen... people are making knee-jerk commentaries and not thinking... mark this down, this will DEFINITELY be a next gen title...

TekoIie2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I don't know about it being a launch title but I think it would defo be on PS4 during its first year. EA doesn't seem like the sort who would release launch titles since they don't sell like they would on the more established consoles.

ME3 is a bit of a different story but i guess anything could happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.