‘Political Correctness’ Isn’t Ruining Games — Bad Ideas Are | Game Front

Phil Hornshaw: "The idea of “political correctness” isn’t about equality or progress, it’s about fear: fear of embarrassment, fear of backlash — fear of money lost, where business is concerned. And political correctness as a means of self-censorship in order to fight those fears or protect that money has no place in art. In those aspects, IGN’s Colin Moriarty and I agree."

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morganfell2335d ago

Political correctness IS a bad idea...

sjaakiejj2335d ago

Political Correctness is often derived from oversensitivity to issues. The same people who condemn Tomb Raider for an implied sexual advance against Lara's will are those that spend their days playing Call of Duty and other shooters, killing other humans without giving it second thought.

But wow it's offensive that a sex deprived man on an isolated island would want to have sex?

Over-sensitivity is what causes crap like this:

Look I appreciate that these themes might make some people feel uncomfortable - in particular those who have gone through similar situations themselves - but that's not a reason to sensor it. Otherwise, we'd have to sensor War, Thrillers, Action Films and many Comedies.

nofallouthero2335d ago

i always felt that being pc is just trying to make people feel equal in a world of double standards which is a good thing.

i know that the old lara was over sexualized but the new lara is over sexualized just in the other direction. i hope there is a middle ground for her character.

level 3602335d ago

Outward assumption and lack of knowledge behind the content/purpose is also a ruining factor.