Epic, Silicon Knights Clash Over Access To Engine Code

Epic and licensee Silicon Knights (Too Human) have continued their engine-related court battle, with controversy over Epic being permitted to examine Silicon Knights' codebase, and Silicon Knights revealing it originally paid $750,000 to license Unreal Engine 3.

The latest battle began with a Silicon Knights protective order that sought to ensure Epic would not be allowed to view Too Human source code to judge how much, if any, Unreal Engine 3 code remained.

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sonarus4382d ago

silicon knights stop making excuses 4 ur crappy game

AngryHippo4382d ago

...go away. You played the game?!didnt think so, stop talking absolute [email protected]

TheXgamerLive4382d ago

This game is going to be outrageous and most everyone devs included will be envious and want it's cousin or brother so to speak to come from their company.

Too Human is going to be Too Awesome:)))

OC_MurphysLaw4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Stop being a fanboy. Game hasn't even been released so you have ZERO way of knowing whether its good or not. SK has made good games in the reason to think they won't deliver.

I found it hilarious that Epic was trying to get access to SK code with the likes of Sweeny. I am glad that SK won this round in the courts. I think there has been some awfully shaddy stuff coming out of Epic when it comes to UE3...time to get it out in the open.

jackdoe4382d ago

$750,000. Wow. A hell of a lot of money. Anyway, I don't know how this one will play out.

jackdoe4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Sh!t, double post.

Amagai Shuusuke4382d ago

You're pathetic.
I'm about to lose all
respect for you guys.
Too Human better be AAA,
thats all I gotta say.

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The story is too old to be commented.