Final Fantasy XIII-2: Can I Have a Challenge, Please?

Although it took two tries, Scott from the D Pad D Bags really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII. The battle system–built on groups of characters configured with strictly defined roles–was a fantastic, frenetic storm of constantly changing actions and alignments. Failing to heal, debuff, or switch between offense and defense at the correct time could end a battle in an enemy’s favor quicker than you can say “chocobo.” Despite the game’s so-so storytelling and reputation as a hallway simulator, the Paradigm system saved the day.

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iamtehpwn2307d ago

I don't get why easy and normal exist but hard doesn't. I thought at first it was gonna come as DLC, but it never did :|

Redempteur2307d ago

And that why people enjoyed FF13 ..the late challenges really make the battle system shine as you need quick thinking and thinking outside the box to suceed..
FF13-2 is easier but there are still coliseum battles if you want a good challenge too

Lucretia2307d ago

i actually thought that ff13 was very easy until the end, and a few boss fights.

in ff13-2 i think the battles were all harder, but some boss battles were a bit easier. i know i def died more in 13-2 than i did in 13

Redempteur2306d ago

ALL the titan challenge and 1 quest battles are NOT easy ..
FF13-2 has more rough battles but you can win them by overleveling witch is impossible in FF13

Lucretia2306d ago

true enough, i just meant most of 13 was easy. but the hard battles are insane. though nothing beats those battles in the collesium in 13-2.....seriously i only beat lightning and amador.

Jls12307d ago

imo ff13-2 was too easy because all the monsters from ff13 are much weaker.

no_more_heroes2307d ago

Oh its there, you just have to look for it. It's all in the optional bosses, especially in the Coliseum. Gilgamesh is a right b!tch, especially if you want to beat him such that you actually get his crystal at the end.