Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Map Now Available for Free [PAL Launch]

Activision and Infinity Ward has today launched a free map for the hugely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Available to download now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360, the Terminal map will also be made available for PlayStation 3 and PC soon.

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LiamDirish2285d ago

I'm still stunned that it's free. Just need a little time to absorb the shock.

antz11042285d ago

Me too, but then it sinks in and...

Looooooove me some Terminal!! Boo-ya!!!

S_C2285d ago

At last a map that i like in MW3, might play MW3 for the first time in about 3/4months

jimbobwahey2285d ago

This isn't the first free map that they've given way for MW3 though, there have been others before as well. I think they said they plan on releasing more MW2 maps for free in the future too, which would be really cool.

Either ways I can't fault how they've handled the DLC situation for MW3, they cram the collections full of content and the free maps/modes here and there are pretty awesome.

Muffins12232285d ago

Really?Its the same map...its not even a remake dude.They just ported over the one from mw2 to mw3.The graphics are identical.So they just copied the god damn files in mw2 to mw3.They better have it for free

flyinrhyno2285d ago

they better have it for free? ungrateful much??? you sound like a spoiled little kid......

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Ray1862285d ago

Free? Noooooo. I don't believe it.

SandWitch2285d ago Show
Locksus2285d ago

F...Free?!?! Now something's terribly wrong in the world.

Solo2272285d ago

yea, never woulda thought...

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