Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Review [GameRevolution]

GR: Tony Hawk has taken skating from the PS1 to the PS3, from posing at school to posing in the comfort of your own home. The series has come a long way, but has it cleared the gap into HD for better or for worse?

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alexcosborn2372d ago

I'm totally bummed it doesn't have the original soundtrack :(

Sev2372d ago

Yeah, seriously. I think I'll wait for the PS3 version anyway. Every reviewer seems to take issue with how it plays on the 360's dpad.

alexcosborn2372d ago

Yeah, can't say I'm a fan of the 360 d-pad in any way, shape or form. That transforming one doesn't serve to help matters much either.

Kurt Russell2372d ago

I had to buy that silver controller with the improved d-pad, it's a lot better but still not a patch on the dual shock unfortunatly :(

lastdual2372d ago

While I'm not a fan of the 360 d-pad (though I love everything else about the controller), the control issues here aren't because of that.

The new developer messed with the timing and fluidity of the original game's move set. As such, you're going to be wrestling with the controls regardless of which controller you use.

antz11042372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Too much time spent complaining about music in the soundtrack.

I'm guessing the missing tracks and characters all come down to copyright infringement and one time licensing, probably the same reason we won't get to play as Wolverine and Darth Maul again:(

DasTier2372d ago

wolverine and darth maul were in THPS3 though?

dbjj120882372d ago

I certainly wasn't hoping for all the songs they added either.

Squatch832372d ago

All they had to do was do the same levels and gameplay in improved graphics...
How did they screw that up?

Rivitur2372d ago

Because they tried to build it from scratch and got lazy during development which explains the lack of split-screen,lack of complete soundtrack, only 7 maps, no horse mode, and dlc.

Yi-Long2372d ago

...they know they don't have to invest in quality, cause they know people will buy it on brand-name alone.

Anyway, you're much better off just picking up Skate 3 from the bargain-bin.

I loved TH2 on my Dreamcast, but this is just an incomplete rip-off.

insertcoin2372d ago

I'm planning to play this with the Fightpad. It's the only D-pad for Xbox 360 that doesn't suck.

spunnups2372d ago

why mess with a classic? all they had to do was update the visuals....and and add some online mult and maybe a few online battle modesi- thats it!!