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Destructoid: "It’s abundantly clear that Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD isn’t made by the masterminds at Neversoft, but by the team that made the abysmal and broken Ride and Shred. Strong execution isn’t exactly their forte."

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Jamzluminati2308d ago

OH my jesus. There's no reason to bash it like this.

Kurt Russell2308d ago

If the controls aren't like they used to be, then there is EVERY reason to bash it. They were near perfect on the originals, and form of clunkyness is poor show.

Remember though, this review is one persons opinion.

antz11042308d ago

Been seeing positive reviews so far.....this one kinda seems out of left field.

Neo Nugget2308d ago

No, this is pretty regular from Destructoid.

shadowwizard2308d ago

Destructoid never dissapoints.

ape0072308d ago

Destructoid gave deadly premonition a 10, there u go