Grand Theft Auto IV "iCEnhancer" mod sees its final release

Popular PC game modder Hayssam Keilany a.k.a. “iCE LaGlacE” has released his newest, and final, version of his amazing Grand Theft Auto IV graphics mod, “iCEnhancer," as of recently.

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ATi_Elite2281d ago


so can we finally stop approving GTAIV Ice mod "New Screenshot" Articles?

Will look forward to Hayssam Keilany working on other Games like GTAV PC and hopefully some Dev studio gives him a Job cause the Ice Mod is Awesome!!

Would love to see this applied to Red Dead Redemption PC! make it happen R*

Skate-AK2281d ago

Pretty sure Red Dead Redemtion isn't for PC. Unless you meant they should make it for PC

Mythicninja2281d ago

Yeah if you know something about red dead redemption for PC, please cough up the info. I've been waiting for ages because I don't feel like purchasing another console just to play it.