Indiedevving Like a Baws: Benjamin Hill on Gaming and ETHER

Indie games have made 2012 one of the most exciting years for the industry. Games like Q.U.B.E, Dear Esther and The Legend of Grimrock have injected us with awesome. And wasn’t it just in time?

With all the sequels and trilogies and 110th instalments of titles out there we’ve been left hungry for originality for too long. White Paper Games will be contributing to the indie era of gaming by releasing ETHER, a game that looks like another masterpiece of originality and adventure.

do Gaming had the opportunity to catch up with Benjamin Hill Creative Designer and Co-Founder of White Paper Games and ask a couple of questions relevant to the industry today.

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HanCilliers2374d ago

So well done, loved every bit of this article. Yes, I'm so buying the game. I left the hunt for AAA titles a year ago, Indie is where it's at.

After having read this interview, how can you not fall in love, or at least be curious abt exploring this game? Mr Hill, plus over 9000 for the way you think. Wishing you all the best and hoping to see more titles from your studio.