Top 10 Video Game Cutscenes

A top 10 list is always going to result in heavy debate… No matter what you say, there will always be someone who disagrees. With that in mind however, I’ve tried to make a top cutscene list that explains why I have made these choices, so even if you don’t agree with my choices, you will understand why I rate them so highly.

Rules for this Top List

1. The scene must be part of the game’s narrative (e.g. not a trailer)
2. They must be actual cutscenes, not partly playable (e.g. quick time events of interactive scenes.)

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Nerdmaster2283d ago

Wow, never thought I would see FFX-2 in one of these lists. It deserves it's spot on it. The cutscene with the "1000 words" song is great.

UnitSmiley2283d ago

Wow absolutely great list! I seriously love every single one of those games.

user54670072283d ago


Oh come on, a top 10 list about cutscenes and a PS1 game like FF7 is up there.

If you wanted to include a FF PS1 game then surley FF8 or FF9 which had better cutscenes would of been a better pick.

I think this FF7 thing is getting ridiculous now, people feel the need to cram it in every top 10 lists.

Ryatta2283d ago

The FF7 game was Crisis Core... a PSP game!

and in my opinion the most powerful moments of FF8 and FF9 were technically gameplay as you pressed X to continue the conversation.

Your comment might have been more understandable had Aeris's death been picked

Pozzle2278d ago

I agree. Some of my favorite game cutscenes of all time are from PSone games. Soul Reaver's intro, the conversation with Psycho Mantis in MGS1, the intro to FFVIII (and the scene between Rinoa and Squall on the Ragnarok), even Aerith's death in FFVII is still a pretty powerful scene (despite the graphics). Heck, there are old 2D games that have some pretty incredible cutscenes. Just because the graphics are old or there is no voice acting, doesn't mean a cutscene still can't be emotional or memorable.

oakshin2283d ago

good list but the guy killed it with his talking

but it in txt and let the videos talk for themselves

TekoIie2283d ago

ME2 when you go through the Omega 4 relay. There is definitely better quality cutscenes than that but as the commentator said he likes these cutscenes because they meant something to him and it was his opinion.

But i liked this cutscene because i had put 50 hours into the first game and at that time 29 hours into ME2 and it felt awesome to click the A button and go through the relay and take down the collectors.

Unfortunately i disagree with close to all listed since i got bored of anime style games being so over dramatic that when i finally do get invested in the story a dramatic cutscene which is super serious and at the same time so dramatic it screams cheese makes me laugh. Just me though since i know many people like that sort of thing.

Ryatta2283d ago

I agree with your point on the ME2 Omega Relay scene however I think that its effect on th aplayer depends on what they've done in teh game up to that point. You could potentially loose a bunch of crew members whcih does make it very tense in yoru first play through if your unsure of what you needed to do to survive.

For me thats an epic scene (the music score for it is amazing!) but Its not something I constantly think I'd like to rewatch it. (again just me but i understand your love of it)

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