Video: see what’s new in MW3′s version of Terminal

VG247: A guided tour of the new version of Terminal, released for ME3 today.

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Oschino19072286d ago

Oh it's for "ME3", come on you couldn't even get that right so why bother with the rest.

The video is basically some dude roaming around half lost and making comments he isn't even sure about. Couldn't even take 10min to play original on MW2 to give us factual information. Didn't even see a few sections of the map at all.

His randomly rambling made it almost immpossible to watch without muting him especially when he started goin on about not playing many maps and they have been out for over 2 months or original to the game. Then he goes on about how the maps die cause after the game "ends" no one plays them, but I guess he is a flavor of the month gamer and doesn't realize there are still more people playing Cods from 2007 to now then many and most newer games.

And I don't know if its just me but often I feel when I am looking for videos of games whatever the reasoning (review, walkthrough/guides, comparisons, etc...) I always find some British guy who had no obvious gameplan other then to randomly roam around and speak off the top of their head making the video twice as long as it needs to be but with only half the info I am looking for.

Lol sorry for the rant but its just hard to fathom someone having the equipment to record and post high quality video/audio but taking 0 prep time to have a gameplan or layout for what they are trying to convey in the video. 30min of research and prep could have made a video 1000x better than this POS was.

GearSkiN2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

this video is pointless coz IW the worst developers when it comes to remakes. learn from Epic, Bungie, 343i. the best remake they did was COD4 china map.