Top 5 Worst Gaming Weapons

GC writes: Video games come in many different styles and genres, and with these different styles and genres comes plenty of opportunities to be violent with the thousands of different weapons out there. Sometimes, however, there may be a weapon that makes no sense or just plain sucks. Here are five of the best…at sucking.

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MagneticDeath2309d ago

Sniper rifles useless, I dont think so. The worst gaming weapon has to be the knife from resident evil, if out of ammo you were better off just running away than using that POS.

Pozzle2309d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the RE knife. I've seen knife-only walkthroughs on Youtube...I don't know how people do it. Whenever I try using the knife, I either miss the enemy completely, or I end up dying after giving them a few swipes. :(

MagneticDeath2309d ago

You can stab a weak zombie like 10 times without killing it, couldnt imagine killing hunters or a tyrant. Yea i learned to pick my battles in RE and conserve.

Kingnichendrix2309d ago

The Dildo was the worst weapon... but i can remember using a rubber chicken in prince of persia warrior within however that was awesomely powerful

Baka-akaB2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"Very few games make a sniper rifle a joy to use. You zoom in towards your target, get a clear shot opportunity against the head, but the shot never lands. Why?"


In too many games snipers are even useful in close combat range , wich is ridiculous .

scrambles2309d ago

Making a gun excel at all ranges. This is one of the reasons why CoD is so unbalanced.

Drano2309d ago

C4 useless? Nah, it requires FINESSE. In MGS4 blowing vehicles up with C4 is the equivalent of backstabbing a guy, except with a boom.

Pozzle2309d ago

Not to mention, the hilarious results of strapping C4 to unsuspecting enemies while they take a piss.

TopDudeMan2309d ago

C4s are also great diversions in MGS.
I planted one around a corner, a guard heard the sound, went to inspect and I ran around the opposite way. Mind you, the game does include the "knocking" ability which is a tad more subtle. But subtlety is boring!

VitaOwner2309d ago

It sounds like someone has no accuracy while sniping. One of my favorite game modes on Halo is Shotty Snipers. Had no problems getting headshots from across the map.

MySwordIsHeavenly2309d ago

Let's discuss the BB Gun.

Yes, it was basically useless... That wasn't the point of the gun though. I carried it around with me everywhere. It was a present from my father. Why would I get rid of it?

TekoIie2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

........ Yah bu bu bu bu bu shotgun slugs brah!!!!

BB pellets to the scrote don't do quite as much damage as a shotgun slug in the face does X3