More of the Same: Why Sequels Are a Safe Bet

BT writes: A while back, when the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo was going through the growing pains of showing off new and improved game titles, I did two small pieces regarding the Electronic Arts and Nintendo Conferences. I stand by what I said in both articles–that EA played it safe, and that Nintendo was among the best in show–but looking at the two strictly as developers, one thing became very clear to me: both companies played it safe in many ways.

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theWB272283d ago

More than people like to admit...they like seeing familiar faces in games. It's why alot still play older games and long for remakes like FF7. I always find it funny when I read comments about getting new IP's just because they don't enjoy it. But I bet they have a game they'd surely like sequels to.

Kyosuke_Sanada2283d ago

Nothing is wrong with sequels unless there isn't really any substantial upgrade or even worse unnecessary changes. Another problem is when there are too many sequels clogging gaming arteries, its easy to get pretty tired of them.

I believe a tactic, games should enforce is adding different scenes and characters which tie them somewhat to same universe like what Persona did for Catherine.

ShaunCameron2283d ago

People only trust IP's with a good track record. It ain't Microsoft's fault that people want more Halo and Gears Of War as opposed to Crackdown and Kameo. It ain't Nintendo's fault that people want more Mario, Zelda and Pokemon (the handheld games, that is) as opposed to Battalion Wars and Xenoblade Chronicles.