In-depth Review: Street Fighter X Tekken - Electronic Theatre

Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken has received some scathing criticism since its console debut. There’s no denying that it fails to meet the standard Capcom set for themselves with each subsequent iteration of Street Fighter IV, but to suggest that Street Fighter X Tekken is anything less than enjoyable is a whimsical fallacy. And while we’re yet to see if the same quality can be delivered on a handheld system with the forthcoming PlayStation Vita version, here on PC we see that a similar quality of beat-‘em-up has been delivered, though with a few additional backend problems.

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neutralgamer192287d ago

Sad when i was younger i couldnt get enough of the original SF, but as of lately owning SF4 and SF versus Tekken i dont even play them after i run through them int he first few days. Dont get me wrong SF4 is awesome, but i just dont know.