Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD - Gnarly new trailer

Ah, summer, it was not so long ago that this meant you’d be playing the latest iteration of one of the many series that Activision has ran-into-the ground, the Tony Hawk skateboarding games.

Thankfully, the series has taken a few years off (I mean, we really are still pretending that Ride & Shred never happened, right? Right??) Ahem. The series has taken a few years off, and is going back to its roots, to the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and HDing it up, featuring levels from the original two games (and the third game by way of upcoming downloadable content) that made this series as fun as it was way back in 20th century. That’s right friends, Tony Hawk Pro Skater originally dropped way back in August of 1999. How old do you feel today?

Here’s the latest trailer from the folks at Activision & developer Robomodo:

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