Fake Gran Turismo app amasses 100,000 downloads on first day

A bogus game carrying the Gran Turismo brand has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads on its first day of trading.

The smartphone racing game, simply entitled 'Gran Turismo', has been developed by a relatively unknown studio called Sailfish Games. In just twenty-four hours it has been downloaded to more than 100,000 devices through the Google Play Store.

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neutralgamer192282d ago

Really? their getting away with using that name for their game. I know this will cause a big fuss.

Tony-A2282d ago

"..the mobile title apes the series' logo and makes no mention of being an unofficial title."

They're f*cked.

lastdual2282d ago

It's a Chinese company, which means nothing will happen to them other than getting the app taken down.

China is infamous when it comes to not caring about intellectual property rights. They practically encourage their companies to rip off foreign competitors. There's no way they'll bother taking these guys to court.

badz1492282d ago

If Sony is in suing mood, I can see somebody is in real trouble!

Kurylo3d2282d ago

I wonder how that works for a company that is based in a country that has no laws against this sort of thing.

piroh2282d ago

i would worry about myself if i released a game with this title, Sony is one of the most richest corporations in the world, getting sued by them would be painful

i appreciate developers courage

Skateboard2282d ago

Look up how much their assets are worth. Sony is worth over 160 billion in assets.

Kurylo3d2282d ago

I think he was just curious how he used most and richest in the same line. "Most rich" or "Richest"..

but whatever, im no spell checker :)...

I think they are most poorest judging by how much the company is failing. But if theres a profit to sue they will go for it.

piroh2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

one of the most rich

look what they did with geohortz

btw, sorry for my english

yabhero2282d ago

Sorry I never pull the grammar nazi thing, I'm just pissed because I can't play my ps3 and I just started uncharted 3...
I also wasn't sure because they've been taking bigger losses in the playstation division that even Nintendo

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neutralgamer192282d ago

I don't know if your stabbing at him because he used the term "most richest" (which regardless of how he stated it you should be able to construe what hes saying) or because you doubt his boast.

Either way yes Sony is still oje the largest corporations in the world with still multimillion assets. It is ranked 79 in the fortune 500 which adds credibility to his claim

Kurt Russell2282d ago

Still "most richest" is worth one more mention ;)

InTheLab2282d ago

And there is the problem with Mobile games. Even gaming sites were fooled by this game, so the average mobile gamer will get ripped by this and the 2 million other knockoffs on the app store/marketplace.

And look at the balls on this dev. At least call it "grand turismo". That way, this garbage can still be a thing after Sony gets done with them.

I'll bet you a wasted dollar on a mobile game that there's a Chinese knockoff of Forza somewhere called Fortza

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