Molydeux Asks: What's In The Cube?

John Bedford (Modojo): Internet prankster Peter Molydeux has created a spoof trailer for the upcoming 22 Cans experiment, Curiosity. The Molydeux parody machine began life as a Twitter account that asked "profound" questions on the nature of gaming, as well as proposing outlandish ideas for game development. Earlier this year, indie developers got together to bring some of those outlandish ideas to life as real games at a series of events titled MolyJam.

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WeskerChildReborned2376d ago

Does anyone even really care what's in the cube? Ik i would not spend $50k just see to what's inside.

ScubbaSteve2376d ago

To all the developers out there with gamers to impress
it's easy to do just follow these steps

1. cut a hole in the box
2. put your junk in that box
3. make them open the box

and that's the way you scam them

MacUser19862376d ago

Can someone please release an extension for every web browser that blocks any inclination of the word Molydeux?

archemides5182376d ago

we need one for "pachter" too asap

Adexus2376d ago

Molydeux is the joke Twitter account for Molyneux, so why you would not want to see it... unless you just got the two mixed up?

revengemadmax2376d ago

i wont lie.. im itching to know

goldwyncq2376d ago

Spoiler alert:It's a cake

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