THQ goes RPG in Big Huge deal

Worldwide studio boss at THQ Jack Sorenson has told MCV that the acquisition of Big Huge Games will kickstart a major assault on the role-playing game genre.

The newly-acquired developer made its name with real time strategy series Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends – and is now set to swipe a slice of the RPG market with the help of publishing giant THQ.

"About a year ago, we started working with Big Huge Games on an RPG for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We strongly believe in both the concept they presented and the studio's legacy of establishing new properties."

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Zhuk4381d ago

Big Huge Games are one of the most talented studios out there, probably one of the smartest moves THQ has made by snapping up these guys

Zhik4381d ago

so zhuk my poor little fandroid.. we all know that the gaybox will never be able to deliver whats needed for this one..

Zhak4380d ago

Only the $Playstation3System$ have the supreme power 2 handle whats needed..

Neither the cheap pathetic last-gen wii, or the Noisy crap hardware F*ckbox can..