How a 5 Year Cycle Keeps Video Games From Being Considered Art

WC writes: Oh look, it’s someone else trying to take part in the “Are video games art?” debate. I know this subject gets talked about a lot at the moment so I will try and stay away from ground that has already been tackled. I will not be trying to answer if games are art or not, whether they can be art, what games prove or disprove this or any similar topics. Today, for the sake of argument, I want to discuss something that separates our industry from some more commonly recognised art forms and what problems it poses for games as art. The problem, as you may have already worked out from the title of this piece, is the (traditionally) five year console refresh cycle.

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JBSleek2282d ago

It is visual, interactive, intelligent, invigorating, stimulating, colorful, beautiful, stunning.

Sounds like art to me.

hilmart2282d ago

Couldn't agree more.

If none of the images on this forum thread: isn't considered art, then there is something very wrong with those who decide what's art and what isn't.