10 of the best Playstation bargains – classic games you can’t afford to not own

Here are 10 of the best PlayStation bargins we’ve found. Classic but cheap games that you all should own, and at these prices you can’t afford to say no.

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NeXXXuS2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Thought this was going to be a PS1 Classics list at first, then I saw the tags. Still good games to own though.

cornroves2286d ago

Can't argue about any of those games, several of them I bought at full price.

Dark_Overlord2286d ago

Own all of them except Enslaved and Rayman, both of which I plan to pick up later. Completely agree with the list except for 1 of the games (which I absolutely hated) :)

cpayne932286d ago

Another one is mgs4, it was at 10 dollars at gamestop last I checked. Not sure what european prices would be. Resistance and killzone series are also cheap now.

morkendo232283d ago

none of those games are CLASSIC compare to classic NES,SNES,PS1