Sapphire Debuts the HD 7970 6GB TOXIC Edition as the Fastest GPU in the World

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced its HD 7970 6GB TOXIC Edition graphics card boasting the highest clock speeds in its class and believed to be the fastest single GPU graphics card in the world.

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urwifeminder2283d ago

Nice i got the 7850 2gb oc sapphire this would be sweet trixx works well id love to justify buying this for myself lol.

Kingnichendrix2283d ago

Hey can I errr, borrow your 7850 please? haha :D I wish I could afford these bad boys.

CGI-Quality2283d ago

Wonder how this fairs against the GTX 690.

TheLeapist2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

The 690 is actually two GPUs in SLI built together to fit into one PCIe slot. So it actually wouldn't be a fair comparison. The 680 is nvidia's card at the "same tier" as the 7970s.

That being said, it would be freaking amazing if this one card did out perform a 690.

CGI-Quality2283d ago

Food for thought! Bubbles for you sir! ;)

TopDudeMan2283d ago

I'd imagine that costs a pretty penny. It has a "Lethal Boost Button". Sounds insane.

Kingnichendrix2283d ago

Man A lethal boost button makes me wanna get a mortgage and buy it haha :D

badz1492283d ago

and you'll never need a new card for at least another 5 years! it runs rounds over the most demanding games available today!

LightofDarkness2283d ago

$680 and it doesn't even equal a single GTX 680 in any benchmark? 6GB of VRAM is overboard. People can run 7Kx1600 resolutions on a pair of GTX 680s, supposedly limited by their 2GB, without running out of VRAM.

Heck, you could buy a pair of factory overclocked 7950s for that price and blow this POS out of the water in every benchmark. It's just pointless.

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