Record of Agarest War 2 Now Available

Realm of Gaming states that Record of Agarest War 2 is now available on PSN and at retail outlets.

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ScubbaSteve2282d ago

I tried one on a whim and it had a really horrible battle system. It made me think how good sRPGs from the PS1 days were. They need to put some effort into maps because after a few hours of the same map over and over you end up losing any will to play the rest of the game, unless you are enamored with the story.

Sadly, after watching gameplay videos of 2, it seems even worse because there appears to be a line and neither enemies nor you can cross. It's essentially a Visual Novel with some throw away sRPG elements.

izumo_lee2282d ago

The game is definitely not for everyone or even the hardcore JRPG player. It caters to a specific audience that have no problems with the obvious sexual innuendos & characters.

The new game changes quite a bit from previous games & the changes do take some getting use to. The battle system is still tactical but feels more like a simplified version of the battle system of Valkyrie Profile. Where each face button represents a different attack.

There is now a world map rather than the linear map of the previous games. The game sometimes do not give you an idea of what to do or go next & that may be frustrating for some.

For me personally i love these lesser known JRPGs & its anime inspired premise. Some people will not get or understand the games or even downright hate the series. That i have no problem cause like i said it is made for a specific audience & i am one of those.