Battlefield 4 – Fan Requested Features Recognized, Pacing Concerns and More Ways to Access Beta

MP1st - EA Community Manager Ian Tornay details some of the key featured the DICE team will be focusing on throughout the development of the recently announced Battlefield 4 and addresses concerns of the pacing of major Battlefield releases.

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Hufandpuf2309d ago

Here's hoping for 2143. *fingers crossed

OneAboveAll2309d ago

How about you build the console versions of the game around more players? kthx

Wizziokid2309d ago

Didn't they say it couldn't be done on consoles with the current Hardware?

This game needs next gen consoles. I would love to see the scale of the PC multiplayer on the consoles.

DeadlyFire2309d ago

This game will be on current and next gen. Current gen will basically see a remodeled BF3. Next gen version will match up to PC. PS4 just might give you that pc scale mp thanks to x86.

OneAboveAll2308d ago

No. It can be done. Hardware has nothing to do with it. The problem is bandwidth and MS/Sony being greedy bastards. Dice have stated they have run more players on consoles and it worked fine.

Bolts2309d ago

How about building a console that have more RAM than my cell phone?? This gen have ran its course. Time to move on,

StayStatic2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Agreed , the ignorance of some folk is hilarious, they expect games to run on hopes and dreams.

jay22309d ago

Did he just confirm Mirrors edge 2's coming sooner than we think as well yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

HeavenlySnipes2309d ago

More maps with no vehicles from the start. Hate playing conquest and it's just 30 minutes of tank fighting