Your latest iOS rip-off - Little Masters

Go Nintendo writes: Hmmm...I wonder what this game is striving to be like.

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Jadedz2283d ago

They even have the Yoshi egg! (lmao).

r212283d ago

that is a blatant rip off :L

kesvalk2283d ago

is this Chinese too? first torchlight, now Pokemon?

Ron_Danger2283d ago

This is why I hate iOS and android games. They're just cheap rip offs or blatant clones with a new coat of paint. Maybe .01% of mobile games are original, but after a week of them being out, there's 100 clones of it.
Mobile games: quantity over quality

LiquifiedArt2283d ago

Nothing wrong with making blatant rip offs.

Its a completely new code base, new art, new sounds etc..

Nintendo does not own anything here. This acutally is maybe a nice supplement for a pokemon on an iOS. Its going to come down to the quality of the game created.

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