Trailer Screenshots: The Beauty Of Halo 4

Halo 4 Nation writes: I took screenshots of the Creating Halo 4 Trailer, which showcases the beautiful landscapes and environments in Halo 4.

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aviator1892377d ago

Crappy quality pics, but those screens look beautiful nonetheless.

thereapersson2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

But this is definitely the best-looking Halo game ever made. I'm glad they're finally going full-on HD for this one.

Hell, this might even shape up to be one of the best-looking games released this generation. It's good to see that the 360 still has graphical muscle left in it, but it also makes me anxious for what's to come next-gen.

metroid322377d ago

considering the games budget is prob 10x that of say Metroid prime 3 ect and say 5x Unchartered its going to look good as their dripping every last bit of power out of the 360 if ps did this the same game would look better.

Drumsmasher2374d ago

Do you think anybody really gives a sh*t if the PS3 could do better?