Police use Miis to locate owners of stolen Wii

In West Yorkshire, England, police are hoping that Miis may help them trace the crime victims who have had a Nintendo Wii console stolen. Earlier this month, a 32-year-old man was arrested on property theft charges. The Wii was reportedly found in a distinctive burgundy bag.

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GodsHand4377d ago

I remember seeing a show like Datline or the like, where they recorded ipod serials numbers down, and included a modified software to list your ipod once registered. They tracked most of them down, and asked why did you steal the ipod etc.

But they did say Apple is fully capable of finding stolen ipods, but they wont.

Not the Face4377d ago

anyways if some bum stole my fricken Wii they would be returning it to Hitlers grave! you know what I mean dum dum heads. i got fortytree Miis and they are all of Hitler...oh yah one is of my mother but she dont answer the door for cops.

wiizy4376d ago

the wii works in all cases