Best Buy Now Price Matches Online Retailers

It's no secret that Best Buy is going through quite a bit of financial trouble -- the retailer is know as Amazon's showroom for a reason -- but it's looking to combat that with a new policy on price matching.

Effective immediately, you can take any Sunday ad to get a price match on your next video game, flat-screen TV, or anything else your little heart desires. Even better, with manager's approval on a case-by-case basis, Best Buy will also price match any online retailer.

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bahabeast2311d ago


shammgod2311d ago

Pretty cool if this is true. I usually buy from amazon when the price falls a couple weeks after release.

Wish I would have know last week. I ordered NCAA football from amazon because it fell to $45. Now I am holding up my friends dynasty league waiting for my copy I come (of course I chose the free shipping option to maximize my savings)

USMC_POLICE2311d ago

Not to rain on the parade but best buy has price matched online deals and stores for the last 4ys i have worked there its not new. We also do trade ins and give more then gamestop. We are also giving $20 off any new big title you pre-order

dirthurts2311d ago

My local Best Buys have not shared this practice.

DivineAssault 2311d ago

only amazon @ my local BB.. saved me alot of money

InTheLab2311d ago

Ahh s*** son.... Now I can get my crap immediately instead of waiting for shipping.


No they don't. Best Buy has never matched prices for online retail. They're doing now because they're on the verge of failing.

DivineAssault 2311d ago

$hit i already knew that one.. I always red laser what i want in there & they price adjust it for me.. I got many things the 1st week i found that out..

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