The 5 Zombie Games You Need to Know About

Thirteen1 - Zombies are so in right now. The walking undead are shambling their way into almost every aspect of the media; it’s important, then, to be able to pick out the best of the rotting hordes. Here’s a few T1 recommends, with a focus on the indie scene.

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Wizziokid2282d ago

A Day Z console release is something I'm hoping for when the mod's actually finished, it probably won't be until next gen but it will be worth the wait.

the list didn't have Class 3 or 4 on but those two are top of my radar at the moment.

Angrymorgan2282d ago

Want project zomboid on psn please

hilmart2282d ago

The Dead Linger should also be there.
It sounds really promising, but I'm not sure if the developer can fulfill everything they promise.

T1Publishing2282d ago

Dead Linger sounds great indeed, a very ambitious project. Project Zomboid was included over this one because they basically have the same features, and Project Zomboid is available now.