Activision comments on the PC & PS3 release dates for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Activision has issued a statement regarding the release dates for the PC and Playstation 3 versions of the upcoming multiplatform title, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD.

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Soldierone2285d ago

Customer Comments On Buying Tony Hawk HD : "I have the money to buy it, but since your not releasing it at the same time I will spend it elsewhere. When will I have enough money to buy your pure profit game? Well I dunno, i'll let you know after I buy a few other games"

WeskerChildReborned2285d ago

It sucks that some stuff are timed exclusives. I mean i understand console exclusive games but timed exclusive games and DLC is just ridiculous.

Blastoise2285d ago

Wish Microsoft would use the money to make some new IP's instead of wasting time on timed exclusive stuff that people on PS3 and PC will just wait for...


DA_SHREDDER2285d ago

I just find it ironic they would do that to sony considering Tony started on the ps brand. It's almost discriminating if you ask me.

Bathyj2285d ago

That sucks hairy balls. Tony Hawk was born on Playstation, and it was the PS fanbse that turned it into such a big franchise, so if any platform was going to get it first it should be PS3. Not to mention its the best controller for TH.

Soldierone2285d ago

Microsofts "Here is money we could spend on an exclusive title of our own, but instead we are paying for a stupid timed exclusive deal" check sitting on Activision's desk says otherwise.

0pie2285d ago

they clearly have a lame exclusive deal with microsoft... they just dont want to talk about it and they think we are stupid enough to believe the p.r bullshit they say.

NegativeCreep4272285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

or someone at Activision Marketing division seriously needs to get a reevaluation.

It makes absolutely no good business sense to release a new title on one platform while purposefully delay the release of the same game on another platform within the same timeframe. It cannot only negatively affect consumer goodwill, but it can also result in lost sales.

Microsoft must of made a "contribution" to Activision that was sizeably enough for them to just think: "F*ck PSN, Microsoft is our real daddy now!"

Mir91222285d ago

I saw this coming a mile away as soon as it was announced as an Xbox Summer Arcade game, in fact I think we all saw it coming.. Its no doubt this is none other than another one of Microsoft's exclusivity deals with Activision. They do this with Call of Duty and now THPS.

Worst of all is they outright neglected their main fanbase who have been begging for a remix/remake of the original THPS games for years now. I am of course speaking of those who played all the games from THPS on the Playstation 1 to the horrid THUG sequels on Playstation 2 and Playstation 3.

Well there's really nothing I or we can't do but to wait for the game to be um.. "finished" *roll-eyes* and then purchase it.

Thank you Activision for once again proving you're total money grubbing scumbags, and thanks Robomodo for not even telling us the truth.

listenkids2285d ago

"Still in development" Yeah, ok.

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