Rumor – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Listed to Release on the PS Vita

MP1st - More clues of a PS Vita version of Danger Close’s upcoming FPS sequel, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, appear on the web.

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PoSTedUP2288d ago

i dont want it if it's a port. MK is a port and it looks horrible, luckily it is a fun fast paced game other wise it would have been a full fledged eye sore. tekken looks 4 times better on the PSP than MK on the vita.

sinncross2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

If it releases the same day, surely its just a multiplatform release?

Anyways, expect to see this and Ghost Recon: Final Mission announced at Gamescom.

Hopefully Sony uses the conference to showcase the PSV a bit more compared to E3.

PoSTedUP2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

i think once sales die down to literally nothing and they make a little bit of money back at that price, then they will drop the price and support it more. it's no use supporting it when ppl aren't buying it; let the few anticipated games sell the system before you throw anymore money at it. the vita needs to be sucked dry at this price and that means little to no support and relying on your name brand and few anticipated titles... in fact, this is what you are seeing right now...

AnotherProGamer2288d ago

i saw this rumor before I hope its true.

WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

Hmm would be awesome if it's true but why haven't their been an announcement yet?

Criminal2288d ago

I don't think it'll release this year. Maybe announcement at Gamescom with a Q1 2013 release.

naznatips2288d ago

That'd be nice... I don't have a lot of hope for Black Ops 2 on Vita considering it looked so shitty they couldn't even show it.

n4f2288d ago

psp vita need more game and it would be nice if more game would be available for vita

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The story is too old to be commented.