Co-Op: The bane of my gaming existence!

millenl writes:

‎”NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! WE DO NOT NEED BLOODY Co-OP Can’t anybody play games on their own anymore without wanting someone to hold their hands? For the love of god play on your own and be done with it or go play COD or something.” -Unknown Irate Gamer

Okay I already know that alot of you will not appreciate this point of view…but the beauty of it is…I DON’T CARE!!

Lets be clear, I’m only referring to games that were not Co-Op to begin with!!!

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PoSTedUP2287d ago

"I think I’m really the only one who can do without Co-Op"

it makes games more fun, if you have friends that is...

the three of us, 1 house, 3 hdtv's 3 ps3's 3 operation flashpointDR's, 1 huge amp and speakers, 1 medium amp and speakers. epic timez. that's all i'm saying.

user54670072287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The problem isn't that there not fun, they are just forced into the wrong games which don't need it or have exsisted with many isntalments without the feature.

If developers want to do co-op so much then they should build a game up around co-op so it dosen't mess with the single player. Borderlands is a great example of a co-op based game which is just as good for solo players. RE5 however shows you how co-op forced into a single player game, especialy being forced into a game with the wrong genre (Horror) ruins the single player aswell.

In the RE4.5 concept art... shows you how differen't RE5 was without the feature. As you can tell by reading this you can obviously see that this would of been a better RE5 game then what we got. When they decided to tack co-op in there it drastically changed the gameplay, setting, atmosphere...basicaly what the whole game was about in general. Judging by the concept art with Tyrants, Zombies, old characters like Barry making a return character designs being better (Excella Gionne looking like a bussiness women for example), small focus on Ouroboros/Las Plagas, better locations etc...was it really worth it so the minority of RE fans at the time, who wanted co-op in RE, could play together with their friend....the answer of course is no because look of the impact it's had on Capcom and the future of RE...hell look how crap RE6 looks

So in my opinion co-op should never...NEVER be done in single player games. If they want to make co-op games then make a new IP, don't ruin franchises people have grew up with by changing them.

WeskerChildReborned2287d ago

True some games can do without co-op like Dead Space 3.

PoSTedUP2287d ago

i think every survival horror game should have co-op.

greenpowerz2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

WTF? You make your case about co-op by talking about a house full of gear.

Clever... ;)

On topic...

Co-op with certain genres is a must. Next gen games without it will be seen as laziness and of last gen. Your setup(s) would be cool for multi player once in a blue moon. There has to be more games that you play with true co-op through out.

Nothing wring with coop... Folks either prefer private gaming for certain genres or folks hate it because they don't really have games on their console that support co-op, for various reasons.

PoSTedUP2286d ago

im just saying lol, i love co-op. RE5 was some good co-op. the leogo games are fun co-op. i would love co-op in almost every game. god of war, socom, mario etc. it makes it funner to play with your friends or family.

TheSuperior 2287d ago

There are games out there that just don't need it. I am a fan of games that the coop is good in for sure but what I can't get over is how its almost all online coop now. One of my favorite things to do is sit down and play a game with my sister who is right here next to me everyday now we almost always find that games we are excited for have coop but it's not same system which makes having coop pointless to me. If they are going to have it at least make it same system :/

DarthJay2287d ago

Mass Effect wasn't Co-Op to begin with and it is by far and away one of my favorite Co-Op experiences out there. Transformers: War For Cybertron WAS Co-Op and I am sad that it will not be for Fall of Cybertron.

I love playing with my friends, and the amazing thing about adding Co-Op to gameplay is you can either do it or not do it. No one is forcing you to go either way.

The more Co-Op opportunities, the better.

urwifeminder2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Love co op the more the better this guys just on a whinge fest its trendy these days the tantrum gen with a dash of hissy fit.

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