Controversy and Gaming: Creativity vs. Tastefulness

GenGAME writes: "In the last few years we’ve seen a sizable palette of games that have garnered a good amount of controversy. Many people find these incidents to be unsettling at best – and offensive at worst. Should game companies cripple their freedom in order to bend to the demands of the easily-offended? Or should they hold fast to their creative autonomy?"

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Jadedz2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

But when Metroid: Other M released - bam, instant garbage (by their standards). I liked Other M, and it isn't as bad of a title as some people claim it to be.

Story-wise: Other M is either, a hit or miss for players experiencing the title first hand, but the gameplay elements is what truly makes M:OM a great title.

oricon2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

The problemw ith other M's storyline is the perception of people had of samus, alot of people dont know the story of samus they think shes some super badass alien bounty hunter who isnt afraid of anything when shes not when people saw her fear Ridley they were like omg they made her weak and if you remember she never beat Ridley it was the metroid who saved her defeat Ridley.

Other M storyline is very faithful to the metroid lore from the mangas that series creator Yoshio Sakamoto work on to detail the whole storyline so it was a shock to players to really see how Samus is really like because the games until other M haven't really delved deep into the metroid storyline.

Jadedz2381d ago

Though the title didn't deserve the outlandish backlash it received.

coolman2292381d ago

THANK YOU! Someone who knows about the manga and Samus' characterization.

ShinMaster2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I can't use my abilities or do anything until Adam f***ing says so. Her maturity was diminished and doesn't act like the killer that she's been established and just sits there almost like a child.

And this after the badass-ery that was Super Metroid? And all the things she's done on the other games that come before it chronologically? Come on!

oricon2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@shinmaster she was never established as a killer thats what people thought she would be however with how little the story has been shown throughout the games most gamers who only played the metroid games expected her to be the typical badass fearless hero when shes not.

Yes she wants revenge on Ridley but it has been shown that she fears him still, if you read the manga by series creator yoshio sakamoto you would know this, in super metroid at the end she would have been killed by Ridley if it wasn't for the metroid that saved her and defeated ridley.

Here is samus encounter with ridley.

not what you expected right?

When they created Samus they wanted her to have human like characteristic despite being as strong as she is.

The backlash came from the fact that shes portrayed weak when facing Ridley in other M however most people dont know backstory behind Samus which hasn't been shown besides the mangas and other M where its shown shes traumatized by Ridley.

So i think people should stop complaining about her characteristics shown in other M because this how she was conceived from the beginning, it was the peoples own fault for creating an image of her without actually finding out the back story of the games.

ShinMaster2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Like it or not, she's an experienced bounty hunter and has killed quite a bit in every single game.

You're telling me that the Samus we knew from every other GAME is suddenly a completely different character because a few people like you read the manga?

There are other issues with the game which I talked about above and you ignored. Like when I talked about here abilities.
Why does she risk being burnt alive instead of activating her Varia suit?
And why does her suit disappear or disintegrate into sparkles instead of breaking off(or exploding) when Ridley grabs her?

ShinMaster2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

For a Metroid game, it lacks atmosphere and exploration.

And that's all I have to say.

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ChickeyCantor2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

It's called bad direction. Metroid can be amazing with narrative story telling. The problem is ...Japanese drama.

Jirachi2381d ago

"Story-wise: Other M is either, a hit or miss for players experiencing the title first hand, but the gameplay elements is what truly makes M:OM a great title."
I agree 100% (and yes i enjoyed the story it may have issues but every story has issuses)

gamerben2380d ago

Other had terrible gameplay, sorry, but third person shooting just doesn't work in 3D, they should have made it 2D. The problem with it is that you can't aim upwards unless you point the wiimote at the screen, which doesn't allow you to walk.

Also, the areas in it were so linear, and if that wasn't enough they TOLD you where extensions were. Yeah, IMO Other M was garbage. It was possibly the worst game I've personally played this gen and that isn't exaggerating.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2380d ago

Other M is OK, so far. I had to get use to the voice (liked the deleted MP1 actresses voice better but I got use to it...)

---Nintendo just needs to find a better excuse for Samus to keep losing (not using) her powers.
But I know that generations pass so that, what is cliché' to me is fresh to another Gen.

I would like to see Samus's powers in an open world for once and to have to approach Bounty Hunter duties in more of a "Sam Fisher" way.
(Not a fan of Splinter Cell, don't hate it, just can't get into stealth games).

But with Samus it would be nice if instead of them focusing on the connective-ness of a whole world-

get that thing >then go back there> unlock that

-They could make houses or skyscrapers containing a guy or objective that you have to "collect", then allow you multiple ways to infiltrate -Even Zero suit methods.

If they make the puzzle choice harder or combat choice more focused...having all of your powers is in no way an asset or hindrance, just an ever-present tool-kit.

(Maybe you will docked for killing civilians)

>But I think Story telling through speech and text, rather than solely scans and cut scenes, would be better for Samus.

Nintendo would just have to expound upon their Cinematic strengths but also allow for cause and effect in the dialogue choices.

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