1 Week, 3 Games, 3 Movies...

On Monday 9th July, Ubisoft Motion Pictures announced actor Michael Fassbender was in contention to take on a role in an Assassins Creed movie. On Tuesday, CBS Films announced it had plans to make an adaptation of the Deus Ex prequel, Human Revolution. This was closely followed by Sony's announcement that the screenwriters of the Saw series had been chosen to rewrite an earlier draft for their God of War movie.

Currently, the Assasins Creed and God of War movies are being overseen by the movie wings of the companies that hold the rights to those games, so the news that they are intending to make these films in no great shock. The Deus Ex movie idea has been around for a while, and it was rumoured that a movie adap was on the cards way back in 2001, when the original Deus Ex was released, but of the three films announced, it's this one that has come as the pleasant surprise for many.

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