Top 5 Xbox 360 Exclusives of 2012

From the feature top 5 list:

"At E3 2012, Microsoft played it safe. They didn’t reveal their next-generation console plans. They, rightfully so, didn’t show off any of their long-off titles with many months left in the cooker. Instead, they showcased titles that will be releasing in the next 12 months that have a large fanbase behind them. Sure, many of the games revealed are sequels of the same onslaught of series Microsoft has pushed throughout the Xbox 360’s life cycle, but that doesn’t hold them back from being well-established and quality games. The Xbox 360 has a strong line-up for the rest of 2012 and these five games are just some of the great titles to be had over the coming months."

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LaurenKB1232286d ago

I'll be playing all 5... especially Deadlight (looks amazing on XBLA)...

GameNameFame2286d ago

It seems like the list includes non 2012 titles unconfirmed date titles to fill the list.

And if the date of the game is not confirmed by now, its not coming out this year... Either way, the list of actual exclusives thats coming out on 2012 seems fairly weak.

Codeman4202285d ago

Agreed. GoW isnt coming this year so their 2012 lineup is really weak compared to the other two. Yes Halo 4 will sell a ton, everyone knows that but this line up is just show how little MS has as far as fresh IPs and first party exclusives they have.

DiRtY2285d ago

Well only one of those titles is set for a 2013 release. Halo 4, Deadlight, Forza Horizon, Dance Central 3 are all 2012 titles.

With Fez, Trials Evolution, The Witcher 2 or Alan Wake American Nightmare the Xbox 360 already some very good exclusives this year.

mewhy322285d ago

it's good to see Xbox getting some great exclusives. That's been a chinq in the armor of the Xbox. Lack of compeling exclusive content.

EVILDEAD3602285d ago

You can easily argue that the 360 line-up is easily the strongest for Fall/holiday 2012..but the same can be said for the entire year.

Either way, we don't need the Gears sequel prelude this year as Gears 3 is still warm.

As for the rest..Halo 4 is by far the biggest exclusive of 2012..period. In fact, it's the only exclusive that will have thousands upon thousands of rabid fan at he midnight launch this year.

I have been hyping Dead Light long before this site put it on this list. That game looks amazing. I can't absolutely wait.

But, MS has been dropping gems all year on XBLA from Alan Wake, Minecraft (console exclusive), and Trials evolution to Dust, Joe Danger: The Movie and of course Deadlight. Summer of Arcade FTW (Tony Hawk baby)

Forza Horizon's development team is not only great on paper but when the game looked gorgeous off-stage at E3. In my must buy column.

Who cares about the Kinect haters..Lionhead's Fable: the Journey and Dance Central 3 are guaranteed buys for me..DC3 will be bought a few times for Xmas gifts.

Literally this fall and holiday there are literally too many games to buy..but I know that these games are among the ones that will be in my collection and that's all that matter.

Can't wait for the multis though..from Borderlands 2 to's another great year to be a gamer.


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eferreira2286d ago

im not going to look at the list but im guessing. gears, halo, fable, forza and some xbla game

greenpowerz2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

It's not hard to guess major anticipated AAA blockbusters, which many have huge fanbases. Games so big, fans of other consoles know what's coming. Funny I can't think of anything coming for other consoles off the "top of my head" must be some overhyped fluff no one cares about.

PoSTedUP2286d ago

dude omg you are like So badass for that intellectual pwnage you just delivered. i wish i could have a mindset like you.

thehusbo2286d ago

Well that's what most people would think, but dance central, the colt classic as greenpowerz once described it as is there lol.

eferreira2285d ago

why would people disagree? I'm not hating on MS just took a guess.

aviator1892286d ago

I'll definitely be getting the majority of the games on that list, but Gears of War: Judgement launches in 2013, not 2012. I don't know if the author knows that fact.

guitarded772286d ago

Yeah, I noticed that too. The author did say spring 2013 for it though... but the title says otherwise.

Dread2286d ago

Halo 4 and Deadlight is all i need for now

hennessey862285d ago

for deadlight, it looks amazing.

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