Battlefield is Now as Predicable as Madden

StickSkills said, "With Battlefield 4, though, the expected star treatment for a game in its respective genre wasn’t there. How did we learn about what could be one of the biggest games in the year it releases? Through EA trying to get us to pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It was first thought to be a leak, but after this morning’s trailer, it seems like EA is just fine with everyone knowing of the game’s existence."

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supraking9512373d ago

Madden and CoD are every year, at least BF is doing it every 2 years

ChunkyLover532373d ago

Yes, COD is every year, but they are on two year cycles. If they dropped the COD moniker from Modern Warfare people might actually realize that its a two year cycle for the games.

I mean MOH, Bad Company played exactly the same.

WeskerChildReborned2373d ago

Yea it's one year because their are two developers working on the games. If they had one developer, it would most likely be 2 years.

GanjaMan2373d ago

yh but at least battelfield is good, maddem on the other hand is a wank game/sport.

xbox360wiips32373d ago

moh multiplayer was done by dice thats why moh warfighter story and multiplayer is done by danger close

Corax2373d ago

If you look at Battlefield series, they have been coming out almost every year with a new game or expansion since 2002.

AO1JMM2373d ago

I am assuming that is "bad"?

ChunkyLover532373d ago

Why is everyone so shocked? Bad Company and Bad Company 2 came out on a two year cycle, MOH is now on a two year cycle and now Battlefield is on a two year cycle, just like the COD games.

People were hoping Battlefield would be a solid piece of ammo against annual COD releases, but EA is just as bad, if not worse when you consider they bad mouthed Activision for their release schedule and COD Elite, then they come out with their own games with the same schedule and Battlefield Premium. Throw in online passes, and its plain to see why so many people dislike EA.

Hufandpuf2373d ago

This is true

Bad Company - 2008
Bad Company 2 - 2010

BF3 - 2011
BF4 - ?2013?

Also note that BF2142 came out exactly ONE YEAR after BF2.

xbox360wiips32373d ago

at least ea improves their games id rather have online passes that are free if you buy the game new and a free map pack then pay 60 a year for the same game plus 50 for all the dlc that wont matter 5 months later at least battlefield and medal of honer are different and not the same game different developers

ChunkyLover532373d ago

Actually COD is improved, they always add game modes and different interesting things. You are not forced to buy the DLC for COD, just like your not forced to buy it for Battlefield, but both have the same $50 premium service.

I've actually gotten 4 free maps for MW3 so far, which is pretty good, I'm not going to complain.

Call Of Duty is two different developers as well, so your kind of all over the place there buddy. Treyarch is doing Black Ops 2, Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer does the Modern Warfare series.

pandehz2373d ago

Hmm regular BF vs regular COD, kind of obvious what to pick

HammadTheBeast2373d ago

I like how Dice actually uses the millions they make into improving the game, and put effort into it. If you read their blog posts, it becomes pretty clear.

Dazel2373d ago

Exactly why I kicked all those games into touch and got myself a pc. Games like Red Orchestra 2 offer a far superior fps experience.

Tonester9252373d ago

This is great. There hasn't been an announced release date for Battlefield 4, just the Beta.

Are you all going to play BF3 for 3+ years? Are you all willing to just keep buying DLC for 3+ years. If not, then BF4 should happen.

Sports games have to release every year so this is stupid to compare Madden to BF.

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