Mass Effect 3: Should Bioware Focus More On Single-Player Or Multiplayer?

"Some especially irate fans will go so far as to claim that Bioware is “wasting their time” with all this multiplayer DLC instead of devoting more effort to the “true” focus of the game: Shepard’s story. Now, while such statements are certainly a bit over the top, it does beg the question of where should Bioware be focusing most of its efforts?"

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FrightfulActions2287d ago

Sometimes I think people are forgetting that Bioware uses a different branch to make multiplayer. It's two different teams. One team does single player, one does multiplayer. Isn't one in Cananda and the other in the states? Not sure, but regardless, I know that they're two different teams.

They are already 'focusing' on single player, as the SP dedicated team are/have been working on the SP DLC 'Leviathan'. I imagine making Multiplayer content is significantly easier thus it comes out quicker. They only have to add in a few modified models, some powers, a weapon mod or two, ect ect.

Singleplayer probably is a lot heavier to work on due to the voice actors. Unless Leviathan is like 'Arrival' where Shepard goes alone, they need to factor in every voice actor for the squad.

DarkSymbiote2287d ago

It doesn't matter if another team is handling the MP. The core dev team loses resources and time to make it work properly as well as implementation. ME3 barely had any good side missions.

TronEOL2287d ago

The Single Player is made by Bioware Edmonton and the MP is made by Bioware Montreal, both in Canada.

As for the MP, they've apparently been making it since mid-late ME2 development, and since it wasn't ready for launch, they "ditched" it. Which then became it's own "FPS MP-only digital release", which again changed into the MP mode we have now.

So pretty much anyone who complains about MP DLC being made should think that we could have been playing an FPS Mass Effect online-only game that you need to pay for separately. ME3 would be single player only and $60, with a separate Mass Effect Online for most likely $15-$20.

It wouldn't make SP development any faster, or do anything of the sort. Instead, you'd be paying around $80 to get the experience we have now. And one wouldn't even play like the Mass Effect 3 we know and love.

MrBeatdown2287d ago

I don't care for either, at least when it's paid. I really don't want to spend $10 on each new single player mission when I paid $30 for the full game. The value of the DLC just doesn't come close to that of the full game. I didn't play ME2 Arrival or From Ashes and I feel like my Shepard is missing that.

Multiplayer stuff isn't as exciting, but then again, it's pure gameplay. You aren't missing out on the story if it's not worth it to you. And most has been free thus far, so I can't really say no to that.

pandehz2287d ago

I think they should focus on MP, theres longevity in MP for a paid dlc. While Single player will be again a 1 or 2 hr dlc and done bam uninstall. Umm no id like MP dlc and more weaps, and gear to lvl up new maps and maybe even reaper boss fights in mp or more expanded mp with more players etc

Shepherds story is over now I want to tell my story via MP.

Nodoze2286d ago

Thanks for pin pointing exactly what is wrong with this generation.

Fock the MP. Mass Effect is supposed to be an RPG not a goddamn online shooter fest.

TronEOL2287d ago

Easy answer:
1.) Bioware Edmonton should focus on Single Player
2.) Bioware Montreal should focus on Multiplayer

Problem solved!

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