13 Gaming Trends that Disappeared This Generation

Game Rant's Brian Sipple writes: "When the Wii U releases later this year, it will mark the beginning of a new wave of next-generation consoles. What gaming trends have disappeared as we look back at this generation? Read on to find out."

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Outside_ofthe_Box2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I'd like to thank this site for a "view all" option instead of forcing me to scroll through 15 different pages.

The absence of offline multiplayer/splitscreen has got to be one of the worst things that happened this gen.

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

More sites should do what they do.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232283d ago

WWII is the only thing i miss. thank god for RO2

fossilfern2283d ago

Sh** sorry I hit disagree by mistake! I love RO2 I would spend all night on it sometimes!

KaBaW2283d ago

I hate acronyms sometimes, lol. What's RO2?

TiberusX872283d ago

Are you guys talking about this: http://www.heroesofstalingr...

I'm not sure what RO2 is, but this is my best guess?

deletingthis346753342283d ago

14. Turned-based jRPGs
15. Complete games
16. Games that are longer than 8 hours
17. Games that don't hold your hand through the toughest parts
18. Games that are more than just cinematic storytelling and online multiplayer

TiberusX872283d ago

I really miss Turn-Based RPGs. I don't think Turn-Based was ever an outdated convention, I think the real problem was with random battles.

I actually think XIII-2 nailed random battles on the head. Lost Odyssey was the last great turn-based game I played, if they had included a random battle system like the previously mentioned it would have modernized it a lot.

Oh_Yeah2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

what games are you playing? 8+

elder scrolls series, fallout series, the witcher series, mass effect, gta, red dead, la noire, max payne, assassins creed series, batman, uncharted series. i can keep going...all the great games worth playing have been over 8 hours long and theres plenty of them.

turned based jrps? imo with the consoles we have now whats the point? with the physics capabilities and grapical power you want to see that wasted on turn based games? id love to see a final fantasty/ other jrpgs with real time combat, the stories in their games are usually decent, the character/ world design is usually interesting but wheres the gameplay? im pressing X the whole time, no thought. taking turns in fights? lmao.

if you want hard games just play dark souls, or dragons dogma. their both amazing or just turn difficulty up to the highest + turn off hints on your games for a challenge.

what we are missing this gen with ps3/360 are a quantity of kickass 3d platformers and beat em ups. we have the rpgs, fps, tps, action, and sports...why are those 2 genres lacking though is what i want to know.

deletingthis346753342282d ago

Lawl @ Uncharted. It took me around 8 hours to beat Uncharted 2. Not to mention most of the game is filled with repetitive kill wave sequences and cutscenes. Without those two the game would have been 3 hours at most. Also I play games for the fun, not for the graphics, nor for the technical prowess. You missed that crucial bit of information.

Kudos for mentioning Dark Souls. Too bad games like this are quite rare this generation.

Blastoise2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I miss Manuals =/ and I've had enough of one time use codes

ian722282d ago

I love reading the manuals before playing or while installing. I do miss them when not there. Don't know why but I like the way they smell.

Kratoscar20082283d ago

Im still waiting for a WWII game that truly mirror the saddest moment in the WWII.

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