GamersBliss Takes You through SDCC 2012- Gamer Style

Comic-Con International has been one of the most loved conventions of the year for many years. It is full of anything in the entertainment industry from featured films, Television series, comic books, novels, and of course video games. This convention is always nearly sold out of tickets from the time they go on sale; so many people wish to attend this event. And every year it is packed full to nearly capacity of the large San Diego Convention Center. Friends flock, Cosplayers gather and make this event a world of fun. When you don’t get a ticket it could mean a whole world of hurt, it’s like heartbreak… well this year we have you covered. was able to attend the event and we have done our very best to make it feel like each and every one of our readers felt like they are right there at the event with us.

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TheSuperior 2288d ago

I love Comic Con. This was my first year there and i cant even explain how cool it was :)

WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

I'm looking forward to going to a future Comic Con someday also a future E3 and future Gamescon.

TheGrimBunny2288d ago

AWESOME!!! I wish I was there, we need more of this, G4 only covered the event for an hour each day.


Sweet! I was there doing it Gamer Style >.<

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2288d ago

I'm glad that Comic-con has grown to cover more than just comic books.