Major Halo 3 Announcment Coming at X06

During the podcast there was a hint at a major announcement coming from Bungie at X06. Somewhere near the 19:30 minute mark Bungie emploees stated that the post-X06 podcast show will be very "juicy"  and that it will be safe to say that "something cool will come out of that X06 show and that time will tell." That saying what else would Bungie be announcing to the Xbox 360 market.

You can go and download the podcast to hear it yourself at this Newspost at Bungie.


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drewdrakes5844d ago

They also have readings from the waaaambulance within the last five minutes, i suggest you listen, its hilarious lol. =D Honestly, some of the stupidest people in the world wrote those letters, i guarentee youll laugh.

kmis875844d ago

The covenant capture cortana (don't ask me how) and master chief must save her. He battles through 7 stages consisting of 3 levels each before encountering the head of the alien race: Wart, a cheap Bowser wannabe. Master Chief defeats Wart, afterwards waking up to realize it was all a dream, but his real adventure is only just about to begin....

Just try to come up with something better or something that makes more sense. (It shouldn't be that hard)

younghalo5843d ago

Gravemind take control of Cortana. Still in the ruins of High Charity.
Meanwhile the Master Chief lands in the Forunner ship on Earth and has to fight side by side with the Arbiter through massive levels that have many many ways to get though them. Such as the city of New Mombassa (get from one end to the other). Once he reaches the Ark, flood and covenant are spred everywhere. He gets to the control center and deactivates the Ark and sets a bomb to blow it up. However, the Master Chief has to guard the bomb and must stay inside the Ark when it blows up. He dies, saving Humanity.
Then you see a cutscene of a squad of marines and Johnson walking in the desert, the sand uncovers a scorched and scraped Spartan. "Who's that?" one of the marines says. And Johnson replies with, "Our Hero"

Marriot VP5844d ago

WHO CALLED IT, that's right

Although it made the most sense I did call it before anybody else. Doesn't take a genius but still.

Multiplayer - has to be 32 or over

TR0N5843d ago

if this announcement was that they changed the story for this one and decided to extend the frachise indefinately. in other words:
halo4, halo5, halo6.......

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The story is too old to be commented.